Can you spot Chandrika Tamang, CDK in the picture?

This group picture was taken in September 2019, when for the first time ever in Bhutan local yarn producers and buyers met to establish business connections in the capital, Thimphu City. 

“We never produced yarns for a commercial purpose. We were surprised to know there is a demand for local yarns. People are now interested to produce more yarns. And if the business goes well, then it will also help revive our sheep rearing culture,” said one of the yarn producers.

Our emerging fashion designer, Chandrika Tamang, was among the few designers who attended the meeting to source good quality local yarn for her upcoming collection 'Heavenly Emissary' inspired by the black-necked cranes.

She is keen on sourcing as much raw materials for her clothes as possible in rural Bhutan supporting sheep rearing, small scale organic cotton production, yarn makers and weavers, mostly women.

Helping local Bhutanese artisans is easy: you simply support Chandrika's upcoming collection and pre-order her hand-crafted items to be delivered world-wide.

By the way, can you spot Chandrika Tamang in the picture?

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