About Us


We are inspired by DrukYul, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. By its beautiful landscape, spiritual traditions, sophisticated craftsmanship, and wonderful minds.

With the help of friends of Bhutan across the globe,

we support talented local artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs who are from Bhutan or inspired by Bhutan

to hand-craft and sell their original premium products worldwide.

We do it passionately, friendly, and sustainably while creating a global community of true friends of Bhutan.

We get you connected to Bhutan through the talents we highlight. Talents from Bhutan and talents who are living in other countries, but inspired by Bhutan: artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs. They are all skilled, motivated, and have a dream. They simply need some support of global friends of Bhutan to realise their great creative potential.


We regularly promote new talents throughout the year. Our first talent is Chandrika Tamang, pioneer fashion designer from Bhutan, founder of the CDK brand. Our next talent to come soon will be a contemporary artist. 

How can YOU support our talents? In several ways:

DONATING smaller or larger amounts that help them realise their dream projects - and support their community. Give via our Donation Platform. 

BUYING their high quality hand-crafted products, all are inspired by Bhutan, exclusively available online in our 'Inspired by Bhutan' Store.

PROMOTING them by sharing their inspiring stories with your friends and the world. 

NOMINATING talented artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to become part of the 'Inspired by Bhutan' family. They can be located either in Bhutan or elsewhere. If they are non-Bhutanese, their dream project must be inspired by or connected to Bhutan. (i.e. a fashion designer in Singapore or London can apply for our support for a special collection inspired by Bhutan). Nominate via email.


What do YOU get for your kind engagement? 

If engaged through donation or purchase of at least 108 USD at once, you will, if interested, become a valued member of our global 'Friends of Bhutan' community for a year with unique access to the followings:

- 8% discount on every purchase you make on our online store during your membership

- limited editions and premium hand-crafted products

- rare objects of contemporary art including exclusive prints signed by the artists

- inspiring stories and reliable information about Bhutan and its great talents

- inspirational tailored tours to Bhutan to meet our talents and discover the Land of Happiness

- happy membership of our international community of true friends of Bhutan

With your kind engagement, you will ultimately bring wonderful creative projects to life in Bhutan and around the world - maybe even in your city. At the same time you are supporting the livelihood of our talents, their co-workers, and their communities. 

Please feel free to contact us via email and subscribe our newsletter on this site.