Black-Necked Crane Collection 'Heavenly Emissary' - with significant discount

Inspired by the magical Black-Necked Cranes that fly over the Himalayas from Tibet to Bhutan for winter, Chandrika Tamang, founder of CDK Fashion Brand in Bhutan has been creating a new collection called 'Heavenly Emissary'. This is the first time that the sacred cranes have inspired a fashion collection!

Chandrika is bringing you a magical women and men collection of coats, dresses, jackets, ponchos, shirts, shawls, ties, bags, scarves, earrings, and even cushions - all designed and hand-made in Bhutan working with local female weavers

Now, you can order the first beautiful items of this unique limited edition. Only a few items of each design are made available. 

FREE worldwide delivery.

28% discount on every purchase due to global coronavirus crisis!

You can also support Chandrika and her weavers and tailors to cope with the Coronavirus Crisis by generously donating her to purchase raw materials, keeping her weavers  and tailors busy in relation to the coronavirus emergecny situation in Bhutan.