CDK Fashion House in Bhutan

CDK is an emerging fashion brand in Bhutan founded by Ms Chandrika Tamang who quit her corporate job to become a pioneer fashion designer. 

Launched in 2016, CDK is one of the first Bhutanese clothing brands supporting women empowerment, helping to preserve and promote the culture of weaving and focusing on sustainability.

Driven by Chandrika's energy and creativity, her boutique studio caters unique and fashionable garments, mostly to women of all ages. Her exciting work is rooted in Bhutan's rich tradition of weaving, natural dyeing, and spiritual heritage.

CDK aims to be socially and environmentally responsible by using natural raw materials and dyes, reducing the use of chemicals, and adopting zero waste attitude, e.i. using cutoffs to make accessories and décor.

As the CDK brand develops, she plans to use certified, Bhutan-sourced, organic raw materials like cotton. She also strives to pay fair wages to all the farmers and workers involved in the supply chain.

Her motto ‘Quality over quantity’ ensures the focus on high quality of raw materials being sourced and limited amount of goods being produced. Chandrika is inspired to adopt all relevant international standards on ready-to-wear garments in the future.

Ms. Chandrika Tamang, founder of CDK

Chandrika has a Bachelors’ in Computer Application from India and did her earlier studies in Bhutan. From a very young age, she attended about four different schools and experienced the hardship and joys of being in boarding schools. This was long before the age of computers and internet becoming available in Bhutan. 

From an early age, she has loved drawing, sketching and painting, but also plucking flowers and climbing trees. Bhutanese nature and forests are her second home giving her calmness, happiness and strength.

Before taking the plunge to be an entrepreneur, she was working in a bank for about five years. It was not the kind of job she dreamed of. She was always in awe of clothing and used to watch fashion channels where she learnt the basics.


She also took the advantage of the internet to learn about designing and natural dyeing. It was by chance that her childhood interest turned into reality when she was given the opportunity to get trained in Basic Apparel and Tailoring in India.

In 2017, she became 'Women Entrepreneur of the Year' and she is currently funded by the Loden Foundation.

Chandrika dreams to change the traits of fashion industry at least in Bhutan by trying to ‘Go-Green’. She also hopes that one day CDK will be a globally recognised premium brand.

Now, you can help her realise her dreams by donating for her new collection or ordering her beautiful items.