Magical Black-Necked Crane Inspires Bhutanese Fashion Designer

The magical black-necked cranes fly over the Himalayas from Tibet to Bhutan for the winter. They are considered to be the most sacred birds in the country often called 'Heavenly Emissaries'. Chandrika Tamang, emerging Bhutanese fashion designer is inspired by the graceful and beautiful cranes to create her new exciting collection titled 'Heavenly Emissary'. 

'The inspiration comes from the black-necked cranes: their colour, their shape, the way they fly, everything.' - says Chandrika. 'I came to know that they are always with peers. So, I decided to come up with a collection with male and female garments, mainly using black, white and red colours'.

'For my collection I need raw materials, I need to visit the countryside to meet artisans and weavers, I have to go back to Phobjika Valley to learn more about the cranes, and I also need to purchase special sewing and other machines.

We hope to raise sufficient funds from generous friends of Bhutan all over the world to realise my dream.' - says she.

'You will feel the presence of black-necked crane, and I hope you will find my collection exciting and beautiful. And you will buy!' - adds Chandrika with a smile on her face. 

Follow and support the production of the unique collection, and even pre-order the hand-crafted items in very limited quantity on 

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