Peyma Dee

Taktshang Zangtopelri - Bhutanese Contemporary Painting

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Artist: Peyma Dee, Bhutan

Title: Taktshang Zangtopelri
Year: 2023
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 18 x 24 inch (46 x 61 cm)

This is a unique piece of contemporary Bhutanese Art created and hand-signed by Peyma Dee and includes a certificate of authenticity. Only available on

"As you hike towards the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, you can see this incredible view of Taktshang Peri/ Zangtopelri. The glorious presence of the Lhakhang on the top hills made people think of another paradise (abode of Guru) on earth and became a place of reverence for people, even living far and wide."

Born in 1999, Peyma Dee is a self-taught artist in Thimphu. Despite initially aiming for an academic career, his success in art competitions hinted at a different path. A transformative experience with a traditional painter sparked his passion for Bhutanese art. Since 2019, he's made art his anchor, diving into canvas painting and earning through commissions. Despite completing a Computer Science degree in 2022, Peyma chose a full-time artistic career, focusing on commissions over original work initially. His art blends realism with Bhutanese influences, and he aspires to inspire budding artists and contribute to a vibrant creative society in Bhutan.

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