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GARPA, The Attendant - the first graphic novel from Bhutan

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"GARPA, The Attendant" is the first graphic novel from Bhutan, produced by a group of passionate local artists, headed by artist Pema 'Tintin' Tshering. It is written in both English and Dzongkha languages. 

The story is inspired by a legendary Bhutanese character called Garpa Lungi Khorlo. It is believed that Garpa Lungi Khorlo could run at wind speed, and was the official message "courier" or attendant for the ruling leaders. The graphic novel creates a captivating fictional story around this character set in medieval Bhutan.

The writer:

Pema Tshering is a Bhutanese contemporary artist. Tintin, as he is popularly referred to, re-examines Buddhist and Bhutanese concepts, freeing them from their expected, familiar contexts and reframing their meaning. He works with many different materials and styles. He likes to experiment both in terms of the medium and the subject. He uses acrylic, watercolor, ink, pen, charcoal, color pencils, markers, and other forms of media to create his works. His subjects often explore Buddhism or spirituality and visual contemplation of his surroundings and inner landscapes. Having a keen interest in comics from a young age, Pema Tshering pioneers in bringing this contemporary medium to life in Bhutan. 

Tintin also started the first comic studio in Bhutan called “THIMPHU COMICS” with which he published Bhutan's first graphic novel, “GARPA, the attendant”. He continues to work on small comic projects with Thimphu Comics.

Paperback of 100 pages in both English and Dzongkha languages

Size & Weight: 17x25cm, 360g