About Us


We draw our inspiration from the enchanting Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, known as DrukYul. Its breathtaking landscapes, profound spiritual traditions, exquisite craftsmanship, and brilliant minds have deeply moved us.

With the collaboration of friends of Bhutan from around the world, we wholeheartedly back gifted local artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs who either hail from Bhutan or draw inspiration from its unique essence. Together, we assist them in handcrafting and globally distributing their exceptional premium products.

Our approach is characterized by passion, friendliness, and sustainability, as we cultivate a worldwide community of true friends of Bhutan.

We bridge the connection to Bhutan by spotlighting the talents we encounter—both those native to Bhutan and those living in other countries yet profoundly influenced by this remarkable land. These artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs are characterized by their skill, dedication, and a shared dream. They simply require the support of global friends of Bhutan to help them realize their remarkable creative potential.


We consistently spotlight new talents throughout the year. Our featured talent include Chandrika Tamang, a trailblazing fashion designer from Bhutan and the founder of the CDK brand as well as upcoming contemporary artists such as The Twinz and Pema Gyeltshen.

If you're eager to support these remarkable talents, there are various ways to make a meaningful contribution:

  1. DONATE: You can make a significant impact by contributing either smaller or larger amounts to assist these talents in realizing their dream projects and, in turn, supporting their communities. Donations can be made through our dedicated Donation Platform.

  2. SHOP: Explore and purchase high-quality, handcrafted products that are inspired by Bhutan. Our exclusive 'Inspired by Bhutan' Store offers a range of these unique items, and every purchase helps support our talented artists and creators.

  3. PROMOTE: Share the inspiring stories of these artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs with your friends and the world. By spreading the word about their work, you play a crucial role in helping them gain recognition and support.

  4. NOMINATE: Do you know of talented individuals, whether in Bhutan or abroad, who could be a valuable addition to the 'Inspired by Bhutan' family? We welcome nominations for artists, designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs. If they are not from Bhutan, their dream project should be inspired by or connected to Bhutan. Nominate them via email, and help us uncover more incredible talents.

Your involvement and support can make a significant difference in realizing the dreams and creative potential of these gifted individuals and their communities. Together, we can continue to celebrate and uplift the spirit of Bhutan through art and craftsmanship.

Please feel free to contact us via email and subscribe our newsletter on this site.