Handwoven Cushion Cover 'Gho'

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The cushion covers 'Gho' are designed by Chandrika Tamang, a Bhutanese fashion designer, and handwoven in Bhutan by using raw-silk and organic cotton.

Sizes: 30x50 cm, 50x50 cm.

Colours: white, black, brown, blue.

Only covers without the feather pillow. 

The CDK Bhutan Home Textile Collection is a story of a woman who finds pleasure and contentment in her surroundings. Surrounded by beautiful windows, walls and doors, the traditional Bhutanese houses are built with no plans drawn nor were nail bars used in the construction. These non-conventional and unique features of traditional Bhutanese houses inspired Chandrika Tamang designer to adopt a minimalistic approach to her design. Inspired by Bhutanese architecture, these items are all handwoven in a backstrap loom in the Kingdom of Bhutan.